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What We Might Be Eating at Animal’s Son of a Gun

Photo: Samin Nosrat

We’re still trying to digest the name of Animal’s follow-up restaurant (apparently, it’s titled for a spot on a ship where illegit spawn were conceived from the union of sailors and ladies of questionable repute, not as crazy a tale as we’d hoped for). Now we have some food details from Food & Wine to consider and they sound typically gung-ho, labor intensive, and fun, as expected. What might make the menu?

For one, the chefs are considering idea of fried chicken inspired by Bakesale Betty, the same one Vinny Dotolo told Grub Street he goes out of his way for, with a nod also to Chick-Fil-A (what is it with Floridians and Chick-Fil-A?). There’s also the possibility of sardines a la plancha with oyster plant, citron, and sorrel, Santa Barbara prawns with plum mustard butter and radish, baked clams done “mafia style,” Uni with carrot, apple, and nettle curry vinaigrette, pimento cheese fries, bottarga taramasalata, and geoduck with mandarin and cilantro salsa verde. Sounds like whether these ideas stay or go, we’re in for superior ingredients and recipes we’re seeing nowhere else on L.A.’s seafood menus. And we thought we couldn’t wait before we knew what kind of place it was even going to be! What do you think?

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What We Might Be Eating at Animal’s Son of a Gun