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What to Eat at the New Graham Elliot

Graham Elliot will never be the same.
Graham Elliot will never be the same. Photo: Huge Galdones/Galdones Photography

It’s been quite a couple of days for the Graham Elliot empire. A day after he announced the new Grahamwich breakfast menu, Elliot also released a brand new menu for his eponymous restaurant. This isn’t simply a seasonal retooling, but a nearly complete overhaul. As Eater pointed out, only one dish (the deconstructed Caesar salad) remains. Plus, instead of an a la carte menu, the restaurant will now only serve tasting menus.

You can now choose between a $50 three-course, $75 five-course, or a $125 10-course menu. Check them all out below. The move also reflects Elliot’s move away from daily cooking. He is currently on his way to L.A., where he’ll spend the next seven weeks (!) shooting the next season of Master Chef. Brian Runge is the new chef de cuisine, and it’s his name on the bottom of the menu. He’ll be the new man in charge of the popular River North hangout.

If you’re looking for an excuse to check out what Runge can do, and also if you’re need of some Valentine’s Day plans, Graham Elliot will also be offering a “I Just Dined In Your Arms Tonight” special on the 13 and 14. It’s a six course menu for $100, and Elliot promises it will be a “gastronomic lap dance!” How can you deny an offer like that?

Graham Elliot Menu
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What to Eat at the New Graham Elliot