What to Eat at Manresa’s Citrus Modernista Dinner

Sunday marks Manresa’s annual Citrus Modernista Dinner, at which chef David Kinch will be doing a special tasting menu featuring the exotic citrus varieties from farmer Gene Lester’s groves in the mountains above Monterey Bay — things like Citrona orangelo, Daisy mandarin, Poorman orange, Keiffer lime, Owari Satsuma mandarin, Sidi Aissa clementine, Melogold pummelo, Ginger lime, Wekiwa tangelo, Indio mandarinquat, Ruby red grapefruit, and Bergamot. See the full menu below, and note the price is $165 a head, exclusive of wine, tax, and gratuity, and you can still reserve at 408.354.4330.

Citrus Modernista Dinner, February 20, 2011

Sparkling rose, litchi, basil, weikiwa tangelo

Foie gras and buckwheat crisps
marmalade Bouquet des Fleurs “chez Pim,” with cauliflower


Garden leaves, shoots and flowers, roasted meyer lemon mustard with apple
spot prawns with their head juices

Mackeral marinated in sake lees, charcoal grilled with seaweed salsa verde
assorted clams with Sampson tangelo, salted butter

Scallop shards and dungeness crab, Kyoto miso with etrog citron
braised cabbage with mizuna

Black cod, a delicate jus of its roasted bones and beef shin
Broccoli stems and flowers with ginger, dill, kabuso citrus…

Roast guinea hen jelly, assorted mandarins with pickled cucumber and roast peanuts
bitter chocolate with rosemary flowers

Hot spring egg and pure akaushi beef sirloin, black tea and dried tuna bouillon
chestnut with bergamot orange


Ginger ice cream and poorman orange sorbet

Yuzu soufflé cake with an herb sorbet,
exotic citrus with honey and spice, olice oil and almond crumble (nippon orangequats)

Mignardises; fina and sunburst mandarins, assorted chocolates, weikiwa tangelos…

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What to Eat at Manresa’s Citrus Modernista Dinner