Let's Do Brunch

Walter Manzke Helps Le Saint Amour Roll Out Brunch

Photo: Le Saint Amour

While we still lie awake at night wondering what Walter Manzke’s next move will be after leaving Church & State, Le Saint Amour hits us with its brand-new brunch menu, designed by Manzke as he continues his love-affair and consults for this Culver City Frenchie. Manzke collaborated with owners Florence and Herve Commereuc on a selection of Gallic mid-day classics. It looks expectedly sublime, with preparations of duck confit hash with mustard sauce, crepes and tartines, escargot en croute, steak tartare, an omelette with merguez and harissa, and selections from Commereuc’s charcuterie program. Take a look below to see at Le Saint Amour’s full new brunch menu.

Le Saint Amour


Le Petit Déjeuner

A Boire
fresh squeezed orange juice 2.5
With French sparkling wine 9
With French Champagne 13

homemade granola, organic yogurt, fresh fruits 8

Pain Perdu
brioche French toast, maple syrup 9

caramelized apples, crème chantilly 9
banana, Nutella 9

Quiche du jour
mesclun salad 14

Les OEufs
Omelette Française
gruyère, fines herbes, mesclun salad 9
with ham 11

Croque Matin
egg sandwich, bacon, gruyère 9

Omelette du Marché
mesclun salad 11

Omelette Merguez
scrambled eggs, merguez sausage, harissa, mesclun salad 13

Omelette Florentine
goat cheese, baby spinach 11

OEufs a la Hussarde
poached egg, ham, mushrooms, Bordelaise 13

OEufs Norvégiens
poached egg, smoked salmon, Hollandaise 13

Le Boudin noir
scrambled Farm eggs, blood sausage 13

Le Canard
duck confit hash, fried eggs, frisée, mustard sauce 13

Les Hors d’OEuvres

Escargots en Croute
snails baked in garlic and parsley butter 10

Soupe à l’Oignon Gratinée
French onion soup 9

Assiette de Charcuterie
Bruno’s homemade pâtés and terrines 11

Les Salades
grilled chicken, arugula, apple, hazelnuts 13

Belgian endive, Fourme d’Ambert, candied walnuts, Champagne vinaigrette 11

Salade Niçoise
seared tuna, egg, cucumber, anchovy, tomato, vinaigrette 14

Les Tartines

grilled chicken, tomatoes, olives, arugula, basil aioli 12

Saumon Fumé
smoked salmon, butter lettuce, lemon, capers 13

goat cheese, shaved raw vegetables, almonds, mesclun greens, lemon, olive oil 11

Les Plats Principaux

Steak Tartare
hand cut hanger steak, mesclun salad 16

Poulet Frites
Jidori organic chicken, forest mushrooms, bacon, pearl onions 16

Moules Frites
mussels, white wine, shallots, French fries 16

Steak frites
prime beef flat iron, pepper sauce, French fries 16
with two organic farm eggs 18

organic Scottish salmon, Cauliflower, roasted almonds, capers, lemon, brown butter 18

Breakfast in Paris
Eggs Cocotte
Baguette or croissant
Orange juice
Café noir ou café au lait

Breakfast Américain
Two organic farm eggs
Homemade country sausage
Roasted fingerling potatoes
Toast, Baguette or Croissant
Orange juice
Coffee or tea

Boulangerie et Sucreries

Croissant 2.50
Brioche 2.75
Baguette Française
Butter, marmalade 2.50

Pot de Crème au chocolat
chocolate, caramel, sea salt 8

Crème brulée
caramelized vanilla custard 8

A la Carte
potatoes, French fries, bacon, sausage

Walter Manzke Helps Le Saint Amour Roll Out Brunch