Trader Joe’s Is Not Giving Up on the Castro

Photo: Socketsite

An executive for Trader Joe’s appeared last week at a community meeting to announce that they’d be taking their case before Planning in April regarding that mostly vacant shopping center at Noe and Market, formerly home to Tower Records. You’ll recall that the now two-year-old plan for Trader’s to take over the center has hit various snags with regard to existing tenants like Radio Shack (whom the landlord had promised to relocate nearby) and parking, of which there is only a teeny bit on site. Traffic issues on quaint and quiet Noe Street remain at the center of the controversy, but expect Trader’s to make a lot of arguments for why most customers are going to arrive at this store on foot.

To their credit, it will be their most urban location here to date, with their other S.F. stores in hell-and-gone SoMa (9th and Bryant), Bay Street near the Wharf, and the near-suburban Western Addition/Richmond border. (We won’t even talk about Stonestown.)

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Trader Joe’s Is Not Giving Up on the Castro