Towne’s Got A New Menu

Photo: Lucy Sherman

Mario Capone, Lydia Shire, and Jasper White debut an all-new winter menu at the restaurant, with overhauled starters, wood-fired items, seafood, sides, and more. (But the lobster popovers haven’t gone anywhere!) Updated winterized menu, straight ahead.

littlenecks/cape cod ½ doz
oysters/east coast ½ doz
clams .. baked littlenecks .. croutons, watercress, garlic .. pernod butter ½ doz
crisp semolina flatbread .. venetian w/ warm goat cheese crema & sauce pomodoro
lobster popovers per piece
lobster tail, bacalao + beets per tail
lobster cheddar toast w/ hot teacup of bisque
zucchini ‘tangle’.. french fried w/crisped calamari .. sweet & hot pepper
tartare: jasper’s sirloin & grade A tuna w/ asian cress & lime radish
soup / apple & celery root with chestnut flan
scallops .. day boat w/ chili roasted pork belly… sugarcane skewered, taro mash .. tart yuzu
fettuccine alfredo .. THE TRUTH as it was invented for our friend Paul Pierce
ravioli .. pierogi .. w/ potato & ricotta .. smoked lamb riblets

wood grilled pizza

margherita w/ fior di latte & yellow tomato smoked over olive wood
sausage & pepperoni
lobster .. w/ red swiss chard & meyer lemon aioli

mesculan greens .. meyer lemon & 2010 harvested capezzana .. olio nuovo
caesar salad spears w/panko fried egg & white anchovies
iceberg/baby .. with double smoked bacon & triple crème blue
beet carpaccio .. w/ whip of bufala ricotta ..
blood orange & toasted hazelnut dressing

ocean + wood fired
salmon crisped w/ tart key lime & palm sugar gastrique .. okinawan yam
cod “bullet” w/ lobster ravioli in thai broth .. kaffir lime leaves
today’s boston market catch mkt
swordfish .. winter’s crisped maine shrimp, speckled heart grits .. smoked shrimp butter
lobster tails .. wood grilled / family style .. w/ lemony grilled rosemary mousseline or garlic + green chive butter

carnivore + wood fired
pappardelle hand made .. bolognese
chicken .. ½ ROTO .. senegalese w/ manioc, yuca & spicy peanut
peking chicken & scallion pancake
duck .. fragrant & crisp w/ cane syrup, citrus and fresh red currants
double kurobuta pork chop w/ sweet potato sformato .. toasted pecans & bruleed mini marshmallows
skirt steak 8 oz. wagyu .. xtreme w/ wasabi & hot green garlic
sirloin prime dry aged 16 oz. / simply grilled or peppered “ au poivre ”
rib roast .. towne’s ROTO prime xtreme .. coffee & cajun rub
tomahawk rib steak .. hand cut & sizzling .. steak sauce for two ..

side dishes
french fried potatoes .. towne’s xtreme
king oyster mushrooms .. garlicky & wood grilled on whole grist polenta w/ or w/o roasted marrow
cauliflower .. whole head, golden roasted w/ golden raisin.. pine nut & parsley picada
green beans .. twice fried w/ white soy & ginger juice .. or simply steamed
creamed spinach .. devilish & gluten free

rice plus
jasmine .. simple
tadiq .. the emperor’s w/saffron & carrot
colombian .. crisped shredded beef, green onion.. cilantro & achiote

Towne’s Got A New Menu