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The Phantom Gourmet Can’t Get Seated at Grill 23, Performs Un-P.C. Pout

Industry watchdog blog Server Not Servant reports that the Phantom Gourmet radio show, Mike Andelman to be exact, went nuts on a Grill 23 hostess who wouldn’t seat him before the dining room was open. According to a transcript published on the SNS site, Andelman first referred to the rule-abiding hostess as a “little monkey.” More drama ahead.

For its part, Grill 23 issued the following statement to Grub Street: “Himmel Hospitality is shocked and saddened at the personal attack that has been made on an employee and in such a public manner. … We stand behind our employee and her decision not to seat guests in a closed dining room.” Even if that guest is the famous, hungry Phantom Gourmet.

One hostess we spoke to put a finer point on it: “So, great! They’re local people on TV and on the radio. You make one exception and suddenly people are asking for more and more and more.”

And then there’s this gem of a comment from an online commentator: “Stop making Boston look look like a town that breeds male chauvinist TV show hosts.”

And another: “They consist of over-inflated egos and have about as much credentials to be a respectable food critic in a major U.S. city as The Cookie Monster.”

Andelman went on to declare: “There’s not a hostess who’s not good-looking, because they’re incompetent and can’t do anything else in life. If you can’t model, when you’re good-looking enough and not tall enough to model, you stand behind a little box and say, ‘How many?’”

Uh, as opposed to sitting behind a microphone and doing a bad Howard Stern impersonation? Note: Blatant cries for attention should be funny.

All Hostesses Are Good-Looking and Incompetent [SNS]

The Phantom Gourmet Can’t Get Seated at Grill 23, Performs Un-P.C. Pout