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The Menu at Plate Shop, Illustrated

The new Sausalito restaurant from chef Kim Alter (formerly on the line at Ubuntu, Manresa, and Aqua) known as Plate Shop has already gained some neighborhood fans in its North Bay enclave, and Grub Street checked it out last week, working our way through the whole menu. Suffice it to say: wildly delicious. Alter is a master in this realm of inventive, garden-fresh, California cuisine, and despite having a way with vegetables (the celery root soup with whipped lardo is a must) her meat dishes are stars — like a succulent roast chicken served with a fried wing, a piece of crispy fried chicken skin, and a jar of chicken liver mousse; and a delicious bavette steak served in slices with charred chicories, avocado, citrus, and an onion soubise.

We’ll even go so far as to say, barely a month in business, that Alter’s doing work in her new kitchen that rivals Frances in its consistency and depth of flavor across the board, with perhaps a greater emphasis on plating and unique combinations of ingredients.

See our full menu slideshow if you want further evidence.

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The Menu at Plate Shop, Illustrated