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The Greatest Generation Gets Its Own Hollywood Bar at Harvard & Stone

Go get 'em, boys!
Go get ‘em, boys! Photo: LongHornDave via Flickr

Right when we’re one more Prohibition-era pub from freaking out on the overkill, Brand X delivers a story about a fresh, fun concept for anyone obsessed with GI Joe or Rosie the Riveter. Thai Town’s Stone Bar has turned into Harvard & Stone, a WWII-themed bar under Steve Livigni and Jonnie and Mark Huston, the forces behind La Descarga. Tractor seats will serve as bar-stools, ice may be broken up in burlap sacks with mallets, Singer sewing machines are becoming tables, and we’re guessing you’ll probably hear “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy from Company B” pumping out of the juke while bartenders mix up cocktails at a circular bar where live music, dance, and acrobat performances occupy a stage. What else is in store?

An exclusive, 25-seat test kitchen in the back of the space will concentrate on today’s current craze for artisan drinks, featuring a central spirit that changes each month, with an emphasis on good ‘ol North American brands and guest-appearances from their distillers. And since this is war-time, smoking Lucky Strikes will be allowed on an outdoor patio. No word on whether or not the staff will be in GI uniforms, but Livigni did promise the bartenders (Seven Grand’s Matt Wallace is head bartender) will be suspender-free for a change. Look for a grand-opening in the next two weeks.

Harvard & Stone, 5221 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood.

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The Greatest Generation Gets Its Own Hollywood Bar at Harvard & Stone