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The Dark Lord, New Brews, and Outsourcing: The Day in Beer

The Dark Lord is coming...
The Dark Lord is coming… Photo: courtesy of Three Floyds

Chicago has always been a great beer town, but today seemed especially boozy. Here’s just four of the news items to come across our desk.

Three Floyd’s Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout is a limited brew that you can only get by trekking down to the brewery on a specific day. For the past two years, this day has turned into something of an event, with thousands showing up just to hang out and drink beer, even though they had no chance of even getting a bottle. After a few too many people made that journey last year, the brewery has set up a ticket system to keep the crowds in order. It should still be a fun event, though. Just remember to sign up. [Chicago Reader]

• Most of the news coming out of Goose Island has been of new products and partnerships with chefs, but that apparently has led to some growing pains. The Chicago-based brewer is going to outsource the production of most of the Honkers Ale and IPA to a brewer in New Hampshire to try to keep up with demand. [Chicagoist]

Half Acre is debuting two new beers, Callow Knife and Aume. The former is a “low-alcohol India pale ale,” while the latter is a chocolate rye stout. Better hurry, though, as they will only be around for another week or so. [Trib]

• Last Week, Esquire picked Chicago as one of the top seven beer cities in the country. They highlighted the Goose Island Brew Pub, Piece, and The Publican as top spots. Sort of obvious, but they totally deserve the recognition. [Esquire]

The Dark Lord, New Brews, and Outsourcing: The Day in Beer