Teen Toque Will Put You in Andy Warhol’s Mind Circa 1982

Photo: NYP

Remember Greg Grossman, the Doogie Howser–esque 15-year-old who, according to the Post, got his start in the restaurant business at the age of 9, now has 500 dishes in his repertoire, and plans to open a Connecticut culinary center and eventually a New York City restaurant? A press release informs that he’s just back from working with Ferran Adrià, and he’ll be the latest chef (following Camille Becerra and Seamus Mullen) to helm one of Alan Philips’ pop-up restaurants. The latest installment of the Feast (running from March 10 till 12) will be Pop Art themed. Grossman promises in a press release that “guests will feel like they are dining inside an artist like Andy Warhol’s mind circa 1982.” (Keep in mind, the kid wasn’t even born in 1982.) Here’s what the teen toque and his company, the Culinaria Group, are up to these days.

Currently, Culinaria Group is working on their base of charitable work with Share Our Strength, etc, as well as working to launch their latest concept called “The Amaya Project”. The Amaya project, a creative off-shoot of Culinaria Group, is an innovative, collaborative dining concept; the brainchild of Greg. The driving idea behind The Amaya Project is that food can be an interactive medium, and further can be seamlessly convolved with other forms of art to create a truly unique sensory experience. In addition to the creative planning of unique temporary restaurant concepts (ie: Pop-up Restaurants), he is working with industry professionals, always looking to innovate and create a unique experience from start to finish. As such, the team is looking to draw culinary inspiration from mediums as diverse as music, visual art and fashion. Whether it’s a high-end fashion week dinner or a unique reinterpretation of musical theater, the goal is to seamlessly integrate the food and beverage with the spirit of the material in ways that are thought-provoking, intellectually satisfying, and most importantly, fun. Just turning 15, Greg’s goal is not only to change the way people think about food but to raise awareness to help end childhood hunger in America.

To make reservations for the dinners, to be held in the construction site of the Sanctuary Hotel from March 10 till 12, visit the official site.

Teen Toque Will Put You in Andy Warhol’s Mind Circa 1982