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Stefan Richter Hosting Top Chef Finland, Hints at Mid-February Restaurant Opening

Photo: Bravo

No matter how we jest about Stefan Richter, we can’t knock the chef’s hustle. Through his Facebook page, the Top Chef villain shows off a preview Top Chef: Finland, which looks fairly the same as the U.S. version, only with more fish and more white people (but just as many questionable tattoos). And of course, Stefan plays the part of the chrome dome judge, since Tom Colicchio’s hold on this strange, moon-man language is likely a little shaky. Too bad we don’t speak Finnish ourselves, it looks like a hoot. But what about his restaurant plans?

In the same wall post, Richer drops a hint that before he returns to the small screen, he’s opening up “the restaurant in mid-February,” which just might mean that Steakhouse we spied in development recently. We think there’s some sort of confirmation here in a recent issue of Ravintola, which means restaurant in Finnish and mentions “Stefan’s Steakhouse” a lot. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for that one, at least until we hear back from Stefan (not likely) or find ourselves a translator. Are our friends in Dead Combo still together? Stay tuned for an update.

UPDATE: From an initial rough translation, it appears Stefan’s Steakhouse might be in Finland or Tampa. See below:

By year end, will open its doors Stefan’s Steakhouse - the restaurant will be renovated in Tampere familiar restaurant Fall’s Bar & Terrace premises. New restaurant to invest in high-quality steaks without losing sight of Finnish culture and local cuisine.

-Stefan ‘s Steakhouse born of my love for Finland and Finnish food, “says Stefan Richter. The restaurant’s prime location is, of course, was Tampa, after all, it was born, says Richter.

Stefan Richter Hosting Top Chef Finland, Hints at Mid-February Restaurant