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Spire Shutters for Re-Concepting Just Six Months After Opening

Photo: Brian Smeets/Grub Street

Word came late yesterday that Spire (685 3rd Street), which opened in SoMa/South Beach in July, is suddenly closed for renovations and re-concepting. The decision appears to have been sort of sudden, with the restaurant advertising their Valentine’s Day prix fixe via Twitter as late as Thursday, only to announce on Saturday that they would not be open on Monday. “If you made a reservation for Monday night, we will be in touch.” The Scoop reports that the plan is, vaguely, to make the place more comfortable, a place “where people can sit and hang out” — the implication being that not a lot of people were hanging out there, despite a location convenient to the ballpark and a lot of new SoMa residences. And it’s not like their original concept was all that crystal clear.

Spire may have run up against some of the troubles that Traci Des Jardins’s ACME Chophouse faced before it closed and became Public House and Mijita — namely that the space is large, the concept not well suited to the neighborhood, and there isn’t much of a draw for people on non-game days and during the Giants’ off-season. (It might not have helped that the only major critic to review the place was Reidinger.)

It’s also possible, as is sometimes the case with these “renovations” closings, that the place is just dunzo. But as of now, look for the place to reopen in April, in time for baseball season.

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Spire Shutters for Re-Concepting Just Six Months After Opening