SF Beer Week Gets Off to a Sudsy Start; Gaga Performs Her Way Through Food Poisoning

SF Beer Week starts today! Here are some ideas for what to check out on Day 1, including a beer-soaked scavenger hunt that starts right now. [SFoodie]

7x7 has updated their 2011 Big Eat list, with 100 things to eat before you die — or at least, before next year. [7x7]

• Through a micro-loan program, Whole Foods has been helping to fund small, local food producers to help them create product lines for the store’s shelves, including Ritual Coffee. [SF Biz Times, Earlier]

• Some ideas for “movie snacks” for your upcoming Oscar party. [CHOW]

• Lady Gaga performed in London recently while suffering from food poisoning. She willed herself not to vomit onstage by realizing, “if I do, [fans] are going to think I’m drunk. And I don’t want them to think I am human, let alone drunk.” And God forbid they know she eats. [Gather]

• Turns out the food-safety bill that passed last month contains a little-noticed clause protecting whistleblowers. Does this mean we’re finally going to find out what’s really in hot dogs? [Seattle Times]

• Even Kraft, which happens to be the world’s second-largest food company, is feeling the effects of food inflation. So if your American cheese costs more, there’s why. [FT]

• A widespread outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease has afflicted North Korea’s livestock, and it’s expected to exacerbate the country’s food shortages. [FT]

SF Beer Week Gets Off to a Sudsy Start; Gaga Performs Her Way Through Food