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Ramen Time: Ippudo Expands to Midtown; Kuidouraku Adds (Half-Price!) Sushi

Photo: Jenny Miller

There’s word that the mighty Ippudo NY is planning a second location in midtown west; no address yet, since according to Eater a deal hasn’t been inked, but while that comes together, there’s news out of Ramen Kuidouraku at 121 Ludlow Street. It’s been serving its Setagaya-pedigreed noodle soups since the summer, but last week they added something new: Sushi. To ring in rolls like the Solomon — shrimp-tempura roll topped with unagi, salmon, avocado, caviar, and crunchy bits — everything on the sushi menu is half-off, as long as your pre-discounted order totals $20 or more. Ramen, pork buns, and other fare are still regular price. What can we say? We love a sushi sale. Have a look at the new offerings.

Regular Roll

California (crab meat, avocado, and cucumber) $5
Cucumber $5
Avocado $5
Tuna $5
Salmon $5
Tuna Avocado $6
Salmon Avocado $6
Yellow Tail $6
Spicy Tuna $6
Spicy Salmon $6


Green Salad $4
Avacado Salad $5
Spicy Crab Salad $5
Miso Soup $2

Special Roll

Alaskan Roll $7.50
Tempura Alaskan salmon with king salmon on top

Philadelphia $7.50
Salmon, cream cheese, fried shrimp

Big Roll $12
Tempura fried roll with crabmeat, tamago cream cheese and black mushroom

Creamy Fried Shrimp $12
Avocado, cream cheese, fried shrimp

Volcano $12
Baked shrimp and crab on California

Dragon $13
Baked unaki, avocado, toboco on top

Champain $14
Assorted fish, avocado, crabmeat, wrapped in a rice roll with spicy sauce, temprafried

Rainbow $14
Tuna, salmon, avocado, white tune and red snapper on top of a California roll

Crunch $14
Spicy tuna roll topped with masago, crushed cashews and tempura crunch flakes

Fusion Maki $15
Tempura-fried spicy tuna, crabmeat and avocado

Samurai $15
Fried shrimp roll with spicy tuna and crunch

Spider $15
With tempura fried soft shell crab and masago

Solomon $16
Shrimp tempura roll topped with unaki, salmon, avocado, masago, caviar and crunch

Red Dragon $16
Snapper, salmon, and tuna in spicy sauce topped with avocado, unaki and potato crunch

Ramen Time: Ippudo Expands to Midtown; Kuidouraku Adds (Half-Price!) Sushi