Ronald McDonald to Face Execution on February 11

Last week, we brought you news of “Retire Ronald,” an anti-junk-food group that wants to send Ronald McDonald to a nursing home populated by fellow morally corrupt marketing icons like Spuds McKenzie and the Marlboro Man. Apparently there are some extremist groups who think that a life of Bingo and early-bird dinners isn’t sufficiently severe: The Food Liberation Army wants to execute the guy!

The FLA is threatening to off Ronald, whom they claim to be holding hostage, if McDonald’s doesn’t answer their questions, and fast. They want to know:

Why are you not open about the manufacturing processes, raw materials and additives used in your products? How many tons of un-recycled waste you produce per year? Why do you not publish that figure?

“Silence is interpreted as a negative answer,” so they expect a response by February 11 at 6:30 p.m. EET. If not? Bye bye, Ronnie!

The FLA admit they really enjoy fast-food. According to the site, “We love burgers, fries and we love McDonald’s, but we can no longer watch silently the food we love is being destroyed and brought to shame because of greed and indifference.”

Here’s their hostage video:

We think Ronald’s a scapegoat. He’s not the one slapping together toxic beef patties! He’s just a frightening clown! (If you want to save Ronald and demand answers from McDonald’s, by all means, click here.)

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Ronald McDonald to Face Execution on February 11