First Look at Rockography and Its Deep-Fried PB&J

When a rep told us about Rockography, the concept that replaces MaximoPino on the corner of Sixth Avenue and 13th Street next week, he described it as “John Varvatos meets Cafeteria” — a “young and more authentic version of a Hard Rock Café.” So what does that mean? Our slideshow has all the answers: signed prints from rock photojournalist Chris Walter, a collage of vintage rock posters, Woodstock photos from Jason Laure, a bar made from Marshall stacks, and high-def screens playing classic concert footage [insert joke about the volume going up to 11]. Designer Andrew Alford describes it as “a cross between CBGB’s and the classic New York City diner.” Hey, is it John Varvatos or CBGB’s? You can’t have both!

The visionaries behind all this, Trust3 Hospitality (who’ve also had a hand in the Griffin, Todd English Pub Las Vegas, and others) are planning to serve a Brunch with the Beatles on weekends, with a Bloody Mary bar and bottomless bellinis. If you’re still not sold, peruse the menu below, and see what a fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich looks like via our slideshow (not that we haven’t seen one before!).

Rockography Menu [PDF]

Rockography, 504 Sixth Ave., nr. 13th St.; 646-360-4143

First Look at Rockography and Its Deep-Fried PB&J