Richman to Nemesis Bourdain, Regarding That Treme Cameo: ‘Nice Work!’

Photo: Mary-Louise Price; Photos: Tracie Morris Schaefer/Bloomberg via Getty Images, Patrick McMullan

Last month, Alan Richman, the GQ critic who by his own admission is considered “the most hated man in the history of New Orleans,” told us he was making a cameo on the upcoming season of Treme. Today the Times-Picayune reports that his scene (and all the restaurant scenes for this upcoming season) was written by none other than Anthony Bourdain, who famously declared Richman a “douchebag” (prompting Richman to call Bourdain a “living, breathing, low-blow”). Eater is loving this (“now Richman has to say pretty much whatever Bourdain wants”), but when we asked Richman how he feels about it all, this is what he had to say.

My friends at Eater got a few of their facts wrong in the item about my appearance on Treme, although I enjoyed the doctored photo immensely. First, I did not write ‘a bad review of Les Halles back when Bourdain was still cooking there.’ Second, I do not have ‘to say pretty much whatever Bourdain wants.’ I had script approval. And, finally, the segment was shot last month. It’s done — and I agreed not to discuss it until the show airs. Let me add this: I changed very little, because Bourdain did nice work.”

Well, Eater had one thing right: This is going to be fun!

Today in ‘Treme’: Anthony Bourdain is writing restaurant scenes for season two [Times-Picayune via Eater National]

Richman to Nemesis Bourdain, Regarding That Treme Cameo: ‘Nice