Revenge Is A Dish Best Served … At Gargoyles?

Eat your heart out, lovers.
Eat your heart out, lovers. Photo: istockphotos

With so many Valentine’s Day events flooding our inbox, promos have to be pretty darn chuckle-worthy to get our attention. But an anti-love extravaganza at Gargoyles, a restaurant that never takes itself too seriously, caught our jaded eye. On Sunday, February 13, they’ll host a Valentine’s Day brunch for scorned singles, complete with a dish called “Chicken A La Mony.” More heartbreak ahead.

They encourage diners to “snub your nose at Hallmark by sipping cocktails such as the Screw you Driver, Hate-her-ade, and The Other Manhattan.” On the menu? Delicacies like a Stinky Cheese Plate (apparently, if you’ve alienated one paramour, you should also alienate everyone in your path with bad breath!) and the aforementioned Chicken A La Mony.

Oh, and as for a dress code? “Please don’t worry about dressing up; the more black the better.”

Sounds morbid and therapeutic, but will they also slip something evil into a pair of Kobe Chili Cheese Dogs and mail ‘em to our ex?

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served … At Gargoyles?