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Ralph’s Admits You’ve Been Getting Ripped Off (Again)

Photo: Hadley Tomicki

You keep hearing about the inflation of food prices across the globe and have probably noticed your eggs and milk ticking up in cost. But if you’ve been shopping at some L.A. locations of Ralph’s, you might have been feeling an extra pinch on your purse-strings. Yep, it’s official, a bunch of jerk-wads at the SoCal grocery giant have been ripping you off, with the company even admitting it when they plead no contest to 62 misdemeanor charges on Monday following an undercover investigation at fourteen area stores. What happened?

CBS reports that the store is defending its corporate image by saying these are isolated incidents, despite the same sort of thing happening in 2008 and 2009 (a three-peat!). The charges involve such tricks as “false advertising, mislabeling and selling items that weigh less than they should,” which gets you shanked on the street last we checked. More likely the store, whose VP claims efforts are underway to crack down on the practices, will pay a big fine like they did in years past. Can they do it again in 2011? Stay tuned. Sentencing starts today.

Ralphs Pleads No Contest To Overcharging Customers [CBS via LAist]

Ralph’s Admits You’ve Been Getting Ripped Off (Again)