Pyongyang Express Rears Its Ugly Head Again

Photo: Pyongyang Express

Guess who thinks it can just waltz back into our lives? Pyongyang Express, the North Korean taco truck that played food truck fans like suckers. After initially believing the hype, we later found this truck to be a half-hoax and full-time advertisement for a THQ video game called HomeFront about massacring waves of invading North Korean soldiers. The Communist propaganda-flavored truck, which was in pretty bad taste considering the starving masses in North Korea, soon drove off into the red sunset. But it’s coming back and adding a truck in San Francisco.

According to a press release, Pyongyang Express is coming “back by popular demand” and will add a truck in San Fran during its next run, from February 22nd to March 21st. Besides the so-called popular demand and the make-believe endorsement that “Angelenos couldn’t get enough of the Pyongyang Express last year,” the game is finally ready to be released and could use a promotional push. HomeFront is launching March 15th, “set in a near future America in 2027, after the United States suffers a full economic collapse and a now-nuclear armed Korean People’s Army invades the United States.”

The truck will be found around L.A. and isn’t ditching its pro-Commie chatter just yet. It still promises “Subsidized Good Food for a Better America,” which means tacos, burritos, and rice bowls at low cost in L.A. and free tacos in San Francisco. It will roam around and also make appearances at S.F’s Game Developers Conference and L.A.’s TruckIt Fest. So, go ahead and eat their free tacos and sample their video game, but as Roger Daltrey sang, “there’s nothing in the street, looks any different to me,” so just don’t get fooled again.

Pyongyang Express Rears Its Ugly Head Again