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Puck and Ludo Both Spun Sole for the Stars

Puck with his chocolate Oscar.
Puck with his chocolate Oscar. Photo: Greg in Hollywood

For his seventeenth-straight year, Wolfgang Puck catered the Academy Awards Governor’s Ball last night at the Kodak Theater, and even found time to tweet for Esquire about his chocolate Oscar statues and meatless paella. Meanwhile, over at L.A.’s Pacific Design Center, Ludo Lefebvre was looking over his very first star-filled Oscars bash while catering Elton John’s annual fund-raiserand also tweeting about the proceedings. Whereas Puck’s tweets, which were probably written by a press rep, demonstrated carefully calculated cool and no real shockers, Ludo’s tweets, with such gems as “so fucking stress” and “seriously, it was crazy in the kitchen!!” relayed the more believable temperament of a chef cooking under the gun for hundreds of VIPs. However, there was one thing the two chefs had in common.

Sole! Both of these L.A.-based toques chose to cook their own main course dishes of sole for their guests. Wolfgang Puck even predicted the Best Picture winner, pointing out that the Dover sole he was making for the crowd was inspired by The King’s Speech. Ludo also cooked sole, but ever the French chef, refused to indulge anyone’s Anglophilia by sticking to a preparation of sole meuniere.

With Puck importing 1,600 filets to Hollywood on Friday and Ludo cooking for a crowd of 780, the two chefs proved at least one thing together: Sustainability clearly wasn’t this year’s buzz word at the Oscars. We have a feeling this wouldn’t have gone down if the makers of The Cove had been invited back.

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Puck and Ludo Both Spun Sole for the Stars