Poe’s Unveils Roasted Garlic Soup, Welsh Rabbit and Other March-Conquering Exciteables

Poe's duck quesadillas.
Poe’s duck quesadillas. Photo: Regan

It’s almost March. It’s rainy, dreary, depressing, and downright disgusting outside. And so we drag our weather-beaten selves to Poe’s Kitchen at the Rattlesnake in search of edible enlightenment. Brian Poe is one of those chefs, kind of like Jason Santos, who’s always happy to push the envelope and tango with crazy, challenging, and devil-may-care combos. Under normal circumstances, a Back Bay nightspot might not be the first place we’d visit when craving Welsh rabbit or roasted garlic soup, but thanks to Brian Poe, we shed our pretensions and give the guy props for unbridled creativity. His Poe Unleashed menu unleashes itself on patrons tomorrow. Boring bar food food? Nevermore! Highlights ahead.

Roasted Garlic Soup
Apricot & Onion Salsa with Roasted Garlic Toast Point & Chile Oil
Cup: $6.25 Bowl: $10.75

Welsh Rabbit

Horseradish, Rosemary, Truffle & Red Onion Braised Rabbit with Humboldt
Fog & Old Speckled Hen Beer Cheese Sauce and Rosemary & Onion Slaw

Duck Quesadilla

Orange & Chipotle Roasted Duck with Queso Fresco & San Andreas Cheese,
Orange & Basil Salsa and Chipotle Orange Jus

Adobo Chicken K~bobs
Grilled with Lime Vinaigrette, Chipotle Butter and Adobo Glaze

Spicy Shrimp & Clams

In Chile, Coconut & Lobster Broth with Cilantro, Habanero & Soba Noodles

Chocolate Pyramid

With raspberry-jalapeño puree

Pecan Tart
With black lava sea salt caramel & cinnamon-dusted ice cream

Poe’s Unveils Roasted Garlic Soup, Welsh Rabbit and Other March-Conquering