Pie Fight: Who Made Whoopies First?

We’re all familiar with whoopie pies, yes? Those big cakey sandwiches that look like giant Oreos? For a while there it looked like they might be the new cupcake, but that movement never quite took off. Anyway, now the respective residents of Maine and Pennsylvania are fighting over who the hell invented the darn things, according to The Wall Street Journal. Pennsylvanians say it was the Amish! But some Mainers claim whoopie pies are actually from the Pine Tree State — and are making a push to have them legally named Maine’s official state dessert. (Though that movement has met some opposition in the face of rising obesity rates.)

But here’s the real problem: Whoopie pies might not have actually originated in either place. Nancy Griffin, author of Making Whoopies: The Official Whoopie Pie Book, tells the Journal that the first documented whoopie evidence she could find is from a 1931 ad in a Syracuse, New York, newspaper for a “berwick whoopee pie” — and that was made in Massachusetts.

So the answer seems to be that nobody really knows where these things come from. But does it matter? Do whoopies even need an origin story? It’s not as if people know which state invented cupcakes, and nobody seems to have any problem polishing those off.

Bakin’ Whoopie: A Pie Fight Starts Over a Cream-Filled Cake [WSJ]

Pie Fight: Who Made Whoopies First?