Pasadena’s Manny’s Pizzeria Reopening in Brentwood

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Manny’s Pizzeria served Old Town Pasadena for 20 years before closing in 2008. Now the restaurant, owned by husband and wife team chef Manny Ghaffari and general manager Mary Kassaie Ghaffari, is bounding back with a small slice of a location in upper Brentwood, closer to where the couple lives. The new Manny’s will serve more or less the same red sauce selection of pizza, subs, calzone, pasta dishes, calamari, coffee, and salads as the original, with a take-out option and room for outdoor seating.

Mrs. Ghaffari tells us that final inspections have been passed and that the restaurant is ready to open any day now, after the kitchen is finished playing with some final recipes. Their sign says, “Pizza the way it is suppose to be,” which is kind of charming in its way, wonky phrasing and all. Manny’s doesn’t have a website just yet, but for now, is updating its Facebook page about the opening.

Manny’s Pizzeria, 651 N. Sepulveda Blvd. Brentwood. 310-443-4430.

Pasadena’s Manny’s Pizzeria Reopening in Brentwood