How to Make Ortega 120’s New Chips and Salsa Margarita

Photo: Ortega 120

Redondo Beach’s Ortega 120 is trying to get in on the whole “savory cocktails” trend with a limited edition “Chips and Salsa Margarita.” The drink will only be served from February 22nd to February 27th, which just happens to coincide with National Margarita Day and National Tortilla Chip Day (but you already knew that of, course). The libation, a combo of Tanteo Jalapeno Tequila with salsa, tomato, and cilantro on a glass rimmed with pico spice and actual chips, has us kinda split between being curious and being afraid. We aren’t particularly crazy about their chips and salsa in the first place, but they did win a “best traditional margarita” nod from L.A. Weekly. Maybe it’s best to make your own if you find the $8.25 drink doesn’t meet your exacting specifications. Check out the full recipe below.

ORTEGA 120’s Chips & Salsa Margarita

“jugo de salsa” (salsa juice)
4oz tomato juice
1.5 oz fresh lime juice
1/4 t garlic powder
1/4 t onion powder
1/2 t Don Enrique Dry Pico de Gallo
tt Tapatio Sauce
1 t juice from canned/jarred Jalapeno* (optional or if you do not have Jalapeno Tequila)

whisk all ingredients, making sure that powders are thoroughly combined

Garnish Prep
Sea Salt and Don Enrique Dry Pico De Gallo mixed on a plate to rim your glass
1 small wedge of fresh tomato with small cut near the top (app 1/2 inch - thicker if tomato is really ripe - you want it to hold on to rim)
1 sprig fresh cilantro (optional for those of you visiting
1 “bent” tortilla chip or 3 to 4 short tortilla strips

rim chilled martini glass in salt and dry pico mix

In Shaker over ice combine 2 oz of Tanteo Jalapeno Tequila and Jugo de Salsa, shake vigorously, strain to rimmed glass, garnish with tomato wedge, cilantro and either hang chip on side of glass or float strips- serve immediately.

How to Make Ortega 120’s New Chips and Salsa Margarita