The Other Critics

No Bells For Liberte; Amada Is ‘Worth It’

• Craig LaBan calls Liberte a “performance of incompetence on the plate and in the dining room,” citing “chewy things that should have been tender,” “cold coffee” and a “wildly overpriced … spoiled bottle of wine,” in his “No Bells” review. [Inquirer]

• Som Tum at Cherry Hill’s Umpasri is “one of the best renditions of this classic salad” that Adam Erace has experienced “outside the street stalls of Bangkok”; the pad gra pew with pork provides a “brief break from the heat” of a “no-holds-barred dose of chopped Thai chilies.” [Courier-Post]

• Cured meats and cheese at Amada are “just brilliant,” for the Baltimore Sun’s Richard Gorelick; the “fuss-less and delicious” lamb meatballs and the “wonderfully salty” shrimp a la plancha make the road trip “worth it.” [Baltimore Sun]

• For Two Eat Philly, Fish’s octopus tastes like “the best French fries ever made,” and the Sturgeon “was slightly bland around the outer layer but smooth and salty … in the inner pink center.” [Two Eat Philly]

No Bells For Liberte; Amada Is ‘Worth It’