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Neighbor Wants to Rain on B Bar’s Potential Sidewalk Café

Photo: Gavin Thomas

Noho activist Zella Jones, last seen putting the kibosh on Il Buco’s pig roast, is attempting to rally her troops against B Bar’s plans to add a sidewalk café on the Bowery. According to a floor plan reprinted on her newsletter NoHo News (now in blog form! welcome to 2011!), the bar is planning to add 28 sidewalk seats and a take-out window. Hey, why not, right? After all, the new kids on the block (Pulino’s, DBGB, Gemma, Double Crown, etc.) had no problem getting ‘em. But the blog post snarks, “Looks like the B Bar, now down to a 3 rating on Yelp is looking for a new hook or a way to attract the street walking crowd on weekends.” If the thought of outdoor drinking just makes your blood boil, there’s a sidewalk committee meeting tonight.

Elsewhere on the Bowery, Bowery Beef gets a Thrillist plug and (via EV Grieve) Billy Leroy of Billy’s Antiques has a message to anyone who wants to come messing with him: “Billy’s will NEVER be a sterile boring comforting shopping environment for cage-dwelling Sheepeople … you have Rag and Bonehead right across the street and after you paid $500 for a pair of working class styled jeans you can go to Poolino’s and have a $20 slice of bad pizza.”

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Neighbor Wants to Rain on B Bar’s Potential Sidewalk Café