Momofuku Milk Bar Brings Crack Pies to the Brooklyn Flea

Momofuku Milk Bar is coming to the Brooklyn Flea. Lord of the Flea Eric Demby tells us that starting this weekend, Christina Tosi and crew will be selling $5.25 slices of pie (crack, cereal milk, candy bar, and grasshopper), cereal-milk mix, and a half-dozen assorted cookies for $10. They’ll be there every Saturday and Sunday, “hopefully for eternity,” Demby says. Even better, when the Flea moves to Williamsburg in April, the Milk Bar booth will evolve into “Milk Bar + Friends,” where employees and chefs will sell foodstuffs prepped in Milk Bar’s Williamsburg commissary. They’ll join other recent additions to the Flea’s food scene, including cocktail-syrup-makers the Stand and FRGAL, a Sheepshead Bay duo that makes sweet, pizzalike cakes in the typical way of Wallachia, Czechoslovakia, using a 200-year-old family recipe. Future updates can be found here, and at the Flea’s new website. Meantime, take a look at Milk Bar’s initial Flea menu.

cookies, assorted half dozen (1 of each cookie)
compost, cornflake-chocolate chip-marshmallow, corn
chocolate-chocolate, blueberry & cream, peanut butter 10

pies by the slice
crack, candybar, grasshopper 5.25

cereal milk mix 5

flavored butters
miso, black pepper, burnt honey, kimchi, apple 3.25
Momofuku Milk Bar Brings Crack Pies to the Brooklyn Flea