Yes, There Are McDonald’s McAroons — and They’re Good

Like “mini-hamburgers in Technicolor.” Photo: ambernectar/Flickr

You can already buy beer and wine at a McDonald’s in France, but do you want another reason why the Golden Arches are better overseas? How about macarons. While McDonald’s has been peddling Angus Chipotle BBQ Bacon Snack Wraps, oatmeal, and other crap like that here in its homeland, it has been serving brightly colored macarons in its French counterparts. (Which is to say nothing of the awesome burgers they sell in Japan.) And these aren’t just any old macarons!

They’re from Holder, the same company that also owns Ladurée, the purported greatest macaron shop in the world! Daniel Young, the English food critic and blogger at Young and Foodish, noted that the 90-cent McAroons — which is what they had better be called — he tried were a tad stale, but the “flavours” were “true.” This was a little much for the New York Times’ Oliver Strand, who simply tweeted, “NO WAY.”

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Yes, There Are McDonald’s McAroons — and They’re Good