London’s ‘Haute Chinese Exemplar,’ Hakkasan, Is Coming to Midtown

We just got upscale Thai via Lotus of Siam, and now DNA Info reports that Hakkasan, the splashy “haute Chinois” restaurant with locations in London, Miami, and Abu Dhabi, is coming to 311 West 43rd Street (between Eighth and Ninth Avenues) in November. Hakkasan got a Michelin star under the stewardship of onetime Gramercy Park Hotel hopeful Alan You (he’s since sold his stake) and has been called the “sexiest restaurant in London.” Last year, Frank Bruni praised the “superbly cooked” dishes at the Miami location and wrote that “the original Hakkasan, in London, is precisely the sort of haute Chinese exemplar that New York craves but lacks.” Sorry, Chinatown Brasserie.

‘Chinese Nobu’ Restaurant Hakkasan Coming to Hell’s Kitchen [DNA Info]

London’s ‘Haute Chinese Exemplar,’ Hakkasan, Is Coming to