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Updated: Local Michelin Inspector Adores Sons & Daughters, Doesn’t Take Kindly to Fist-Bumps

It’s time once again to check in with our Twitter-happy local Michelin inspector(s) — whose only direct contact with the world, under the auspices of being a Michelin inspector, is through Twitter. We think perhaps after letting him go hog wild with the snark last year, his French superiors may have told him to tone it down, since he’s been pretty tame of late. Like Bauer, he recently enjoyed Station 1, and the smoked gnocchi made him wish he lived in Woodside; he’s a fan of newly promoted A16 chef David Taylor; he’s been having some parking traumas, and it would appear he often tries to get to downtown spots just after the lunch rush; and some server at an unnamed fine dining establishment apparently got a little too familiar: “I’m down with a lot, but when I’m in a fine dining restaurant, I don’t want to fist bump with my server. Call me square.”

Also, he can’t understand why Sons & Daughters isn’t always packed (“Do you need to be told more than once?”), and he could only come up with one thing that he liked at Revival Bar + Kitchen in Berkeley. Also of note, he plays golf.

But we still have a question: Aren’t there more than one of him in these parts, or is he the only one who controls the Twitter? Or does he actually have to do the whole slog himself, visiting every damn restaurant in creation (at least Bay Area creation) six times in a year until the French crew come in for a final sweep? Update: An entity controlling the MichelinGuideSF Twitter account confirms that there are multiple inspectors contributing to that Twitter feed — so maybe there’s only one snarky one? And one who has a thing about parking? We’ve followed up asking for a gender breakdown but have not yet received a reply.

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