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Ladychefs, Come to Boston: We Love Ya!

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Stuff magazine runs an interesting piece this week in which up-and-coming female chefs dish about what it takes to make it in a male-dominated industry. If you’re a woman and you love to cook, Boston’s definitely the place to be. More ahead.

Ruth Tobias hung out with several rising stars for the story, and we enjoyed reading pearls of wisdom from less-heard-from ladies like Ten Tables’ Krista Kranyak, The Gallows’ Rebecca Roth, Journeyman’s Diana Kudajarova and Meg Grady-Troia, etc. and so on. Here, it seems, a woman’s place really is the kitchen. Why?

We think it’s because Bostonians, by and large, are a smart and forward-thinking bunch. Talent matters. Says Roth: “It’s not being a woman; it’s being part of the team. It’s a meritocracy … It’s, ‘Are you talented, and can you handle the crazy schedule?’”

Also, there’s something edgily liberating about making traditional notions of femininity work for you, when appropriate. Says soon-to-be Sportello sous Victoria Kelly: “At The Butcher Shop, I was just so focused on learning the craft that it never occurred to me that there weren’t any female butchers until I noticed that guests were surprised when I was on the block. … most people love the irony of a petite female on the block, trying to take down a 25-pound porterhouse from the case and cut it on the bandsaw. Guests love to watch me breaking down primals while they drink wine.” Women with knives are cool.

Kinda echoes what Patricia Yeo told Grub Street last year, when she marveled at people saying hello to her in the South End, instead of just grunting. Who says New Englanders aren’t friendly? We’ll welcome you with open arms! And, hey, the South End really needs some new restaurants

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Ladychefs, Come to Boston: We Love Ya!