KFC Rumors Arise in Egypt; Pot-Infused BBQ Sauce Hits Colorado

• KFC has been used to try and sully the image of Egypt’s Tahrir Square, with people spreading the false rumor that protesters there have been supplied with what locals call “Kentucky meals.” [LAT]

• Cleveland-based barbecue joint Hot Sauce Williams will expand to Colorado to open stoner dream restaurant Pot Sauce Williams, specializing in Marijuana-infused barbecue sauce. [Thought Catalog]

• As if having a picky-eater kid weren’t annoying enough, now a study shows that children who will only eat chicken nuggets and other processed foods may be lowering their future IQs! [Paging Dr. Gupta/CNN]

• If you’re desperate to lose weight, you might consider the “tapeworm diet” where swallowing the critters can lead to weight loss, along with “malnutrition, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, anemia, and the formation of fluid-filled cysts that can damage organs, block circulation, and cause seizures.” [LAT]

• Applebee’s largest franchisee, with 269 restaurants, is thisclose to being sold to a Goldman Sachs affiliate. [NRN]

• Sysco had a tough second quarter thanks to rising food costs. Join the club, Sysco! [Houston Chronicle]

• Careful timing of the introduction of solid foods (after four months) into a baby’s diet can help ward off childhood obesity. [LAT]

KFC Rumors Arise in Egypt; Pot-Infused BBQ Sauce Hits Colorado