Chef Shuffle

Cancer Fight Forces Jimmy Bradley to Abandon J & S Food Hall

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Here’s yet another change on Kenmare Street, and easily the biggest one: Jimmy Bradley of the Harrison and Red Cat is abandoning his plan to open J & S Food Hall in the Nolitan Hotel, owing to a battle with cancer. The restaurant was due to open in the summer of last year with Red Cat chef Bill McDaniel at the helm, but back in November, it was delayed till this month. Now comes word, via a rep, that Bradley is leaving the project altogether.

Beloved chef and restaurateur Jimmy Bradley underwent a successful surgery to remove a malignancy on his tongue in November 2010. While Bradley’s current prognosis is excellent, he and partner, Steven Eckler, have decided to abandon their planned restaurant, J & S Food Hall in New York City’s Nolitan Hotel in order to allow Bradley to focus on his recovery.

Diner’s Journal talks to Bradley about his treatment. Although he had feared losing his sense of taste, “some of his palate has already returned.” The chef, whose new post-Freitag menu at the Harrison won Sifton’s approval back in November (the month of his surgery), says, “It’s like being a little kid and learning again what coffee tastes like, or Scotch.”

Cancer Fight Forces Jimmy Bradley to Abandon J & S Food Hall