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Jet Tila Drops Bistronomics on BreadBar

Jet Tila, the chef at Vegas’ Wazuzu, a Good Food contributor, and guest on No Reservations fans, is coming to L.A. for two nights in March to cook with The Royce’s French sous chef, Alex Ageneau, at an event in BreadBar Third Street that the duo calls “Bistronomics.” The idea is to combine a handful of simple, seasonal market ingredients and turn them into five haute dishes with a fixed $65 price. The chefs will man an open kitchen and chef’s station where they will supposedly interact with a room of 24 seats indoors and 24 outdoors, recreating the feel of a small bistro. What will they be cooking? Take a look at the five-course menu and if so moved, make reservations at 310-205-0124.

Chef Jet Tila and Alex Ageneau
at BreadBar
8718 W. 3rd St.
March 6th and 7th


Potato/Crème Fraîche/Smoked Cod - Butter Ball Potato and Smoked Cod with Crème Fraîche Sheet and Cucumber Dressing

Salsify/Mushrooms/Garlic & Herbs - Roasted Salsify over a Purée of Roasted Garlic, with Charred Maitake Mushrooms, Tarragon Foam, and Wild Herbs

Halibut/Orange/Madras Curry - Madras Curry Butter Halibut with Orange, Olive Oil, and Crispy Vegetables

Beef/Calamari/Cauliflower - Skirt Steak with Cauliflower “Escabeche,” Cauliflower Cream, Brunoise of Calamari, and Squid Ink Hollandaise

Apple/Camembert/Walnuts - Caramelized Apple Filo Tart with Caramelized Onion, Camembert Cheese, Walnuts, and Apple Purée

Jet Tila Drops Bistronomics on BreadBar