Jerry West Eats Italian in L.A.; Get A Mario Batali Badge on Four Square

• Lakers owner Jerry West suggests eating Italian in L.A. as he himself is a fan of Valentino, E. Baldi, Matteo’s, and Toscanova. [Golf Digest]

• Sometimes it’s never too late to join the party: A Washington-based blog looks at anonymity in restaurant reviewers in the wake of the S. Irene Virbila expose by asking Tom Sietsema abut his own anonymity. [Washington Paper]

• Mario Batali has struck up a partnership with Four Square so that users can get their own Mario Batali badge when they check in to his restaurants. [Huffington Post]

• The protests in Libya have been fueled by rising food prices, according to this writer. [Christian Science Monitor]

• Writer Mar Yvette points to ten L.A. restaurants to start and end a margarita crawl. [Huffington Post]

• Long-gone Spy Magazine often obsessed about Los Angeles, such as when it called a restaurant named Mason’s “Everything you hate about L.A. in a nutshell” (“It’s in Brentwood…The menu offers stir-fried eggplant with broccoli and tofu, as well as potatoes prepared seven different ways…). [Curbed]

• A bill passed by a House panel in Minnesota would prevent obese people from suing fast-food chains. Wait, you can do that? [CBS News]

• GMO crops, with qualities like herbicide tolerance, now cover 10 percent of the world’s farmland. [USAT]

• The author of I Love Corn is suing the author of I Love Bacon! for a too-similar title. But c’mon, those cookbooks must have totally different audiences! [NYDN]

Jerry West Eats Italian in L.A.; Get A Mario Batali Badge on Four Square