Jeremy Fox Launching Big, ‘Multi-Layered’ Side Project, Including a Pop-Up Dinner Series

Fox preparing a very un-vegetarian terrine at one of Meadowood's 12 Days of Christmas dinners.
Fox preparing a very un-vegetarian terrine at one of Meadowood’s 12 Days of Christmas dinners. Photo: Grub Street

Jeremy Fox has been working on “something big” for about a year now, which he only hinted at as rumors swirled about his next moves after leaving Ubuntu, subsequently taking a spin around the dancefloor with Daniel Patterson, and landing in a chef-partner/creative director role with the Tyler Florence Group. That big something is revealed today as Seed to Stalk: A Modern Culinary Handbook, which is both an upcoming cookbook, a website, and will use as its inspiration a small farm in Napa that Jeremy is collaborating on with winery owner Ryan Hill and farmer Peter Jacobsen, of Jacobson Orchards, as the Scoop reports. Fox tells Grub Street, “In order to cook the way I cook, I have to grow it, I have to touch it from the beginning. I can’t write a cookbook based on farmers’ market ingredients. I can’t cook based on farmers’ market ingredients.”

Furthermore, he explains why it’s taken some time for the big reveal. “I wanted it done just right, with the right publisher, the right photographer, the right everybody,” Fox says. The book will be published by Phaidon, who also published Rene Redzepi’s Noma cookbook, and the photography will be by Eli Woolery. Given Fox’s talents and predilections in the vegetable realm, the book will be vegetable-focused, and Fox and his partners will be growing some unusual stuff and presenting a series of pop-up dinners to test recipes, which will obviously be pretty hot tickets in these parts. Dates and times TBA.

“I think given who a gardener and a winemaker are it makes sense to have them working together,” Fox says, and he adds that he wanted to surround himself with outside-the-box thinkers each in their specialties. “It’s giving me a broader Rolodex of information, techniques, trade secrets, which will make a more amusing book.”

Jeremy Fox starting a pop-up dinner series, inspired by new collaborators and an upcoming book [Scoop]

Jeremy Fox Launching Big, ‘Multi-Layered’ Side Project, Including a