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Jeremy Fox and Tyler Florence Part Ways After Five Months

Well, it’s not like we didn’t see this coming… but word comes down from the Florence camp today that Jeremy Fox is no longer employed by the Tyler Florence Group and will no longer be working at Rotisserie & Wine. The move seems to stem (excuse the pun) from Fox’s announcement about his side project, Seed to Stalk, though the full explanation will likely not come to light soon. In a statement they say, via the Scoop, “We are thrilled to see our friend, Chef Jeremy Fox, move on to write his upcoming book Seed to Stalk, and we wish him the best in all his future endeavors. To find out more information on his exciting new project, you can visit the website” The union was noted by many as an odd one, though potentially mutually beneficial from a business standpoint. But given that it came shortly after Fox’s aborted employment with Daniel Patterson, and given Fox’s reputation as a bit of an iconoclast, this is not a shock. We did, however, give it longer than five months.

Fox is not likely to discuss the matter as the Florence Group tends to want to keep a tight lid on things, contractually speaking, but the split sounds mostly amicable (though one has to infer from the timing and the statement that Florence wasn’t entirely pleased with Jeremy’s focus being diverted – or could it have been Bauer’s two-and-a-half star review of Rotisserie & Wine?). Rotisserie & Wine from here on out will be led by sous chef Tyson Greenwood, who’s being promoted to chef de cuisine.

Expect an announcement soon regarding a chef hire at the upcoming El Paseo in Mill Valley.

Also expect some more news soon about Fox’s pop-up dinner series and new Yountville garden.

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Jeremy Fox and Tyler Florence Part Ways After Five Months