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Jean-Francois Meteigner Dreams Up a New Dessert

Photo: LCB

Jean Francois Meteigner is pulling a Petrossian at his La Cachette Bistro, turning a French truffle into a small Caspian-inspired dessert to finish off his Valentine’s Day menu, being served February 12-14th at the Santa Monica restaurant. The sweet is composed of 100% chocolate mixed and melted with 70% chocolate, topped with creme fraiche, sea salt, and American Sturgeon Sevruga caviar. Meteigner tells Grub Street about the dessert’s creation: “Since I have a lot of anxiety, like most of us do right now, I wake up in the middle of the night, and instead of worrying about money, I make up recipes. This one came to me around 4:00 A.M. At first it was combining chocolate and salt and then the “Aha!” moment came when caviar entered the waking dream state. Voila, that is what insomnia can do if you are lucky!” The sweet tops off a four-course dinner and comes packaged for diners to take home with them. See La Cachette Bistro’s full $80 V-Day menu (with the truffles) below.

Valentine’s Day MENU
Served at La Cachette Bistro
February 12th-14th

First Course

Organic egg and caviar with crème fraiche or Organic egg with house smoked salmon and capers or Dark chocolate truffles with creme fraiche, caviar and sea salt
Second Course

Hot Atlantic oysters with champagne sauce or Hawaiian hearts of palm and artichokes salad with truffle oil
Third Course

Sautéed foie gras with polenta crème brulee, black currant verjus sauce or Scallop Carpaccio with black truffle and porcinis
Main Course

Bretagne Dover sole, vermouth sauce and pea sprouts or White Pekin duck with cabernet sauce and braised red cabbage

Assortment of sweets /toasted marshmallow with chocolate sauce/chocolate divine cake /crème brulee with orange blossoms/rum baba

Homemade chocolate truffles to take home

Jean-Francois Meteigner Dreams Up a New Dessert