JapaCurry Saga Continues, SFoodie’s All Over It

The aforementioned drama surrounding the JapaCurry truck trying to park downtown, and a certain nearby business owner waging war, lives on, and SFoodie’s John Birdsall has been covering every breaking development. To recap: Alison Rowe, owner of Harvest and Rowe (55 2nd Street) told the city and neighboring businesses that JapaCurry ought not to be parking outside her café, despite the truck having obtained a legal permit. Then, then! Rowe had the nerve to start parking her own vehicle in the spot JapaCurry had its permit for, and Birdsall got all Magnum P.I. on her ass, took down the plate number, and took a picture of her feeding the meter (which he has since pulled down for reasons we can only guess).

Rowe claims it was merely a “coincidence” that she parked there. And now today, JapaCurry’s Jay Hamada had words with a different woman, named Anna, who may very well have been sent in Rowe’s stead to feed a different meter at an entirely new spot on New Montgomery where JapaCurry is trying to relocate. So it would seem she may be trying to chase him out of the neighborhood completely, though maybe not, and she complains that she’s been unfairly depicted as the enemy of food trucks. “I love food trucks,” she says. “I started at the farmers’ market with Blue Bottle and Miette. The only thing I disagree on is the location.” You got that?

The lesson here, of course, is if you try to fuck with a food truck, SFoodie is going to come after your ass like nobody’s business.

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JapaCurry Saga Continues, SFoodie’s All Over It