JapaCurry Battle Makes the Journal

We kidded SFoodie for their moment-by-moment coverage of the fight between the JapaCurry truck and a brick-and-mortar business downtown. But now the Wall Street Journal has taken notice, discussing the turf war from a business perspective and getting some quotes from business owners besides the embattled Alison Rowe of Harvest & Rowe.

Says Diane Tran of Muffins, Muffins (great name, btw), “[Food trucks] park in front of us, take our customers and leave the truck running so we get the smell of gas and smoke in our shop.” So, to recap, businesses downtown who are battling for daytime customers as it is don’t take kindly to food trucks peddling cheaper food than they serve.

In related news, the city’s new ordinance making it easier to launch a food truck takes effect next month. Yay, food trucks!

Restaurants, Food Trucks in Turf War
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JapaCurry Battle Makes the Journal