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Jamie Foxx Gets Roughed Up at Avalon; Courtney Cox Hobbles Out of Spago

Speaking of love and bouncers choking dudes out at clubs, Jamie Foxx went to Avalon last night to see Usher lipsynch perform. We thought Usher was baby-makin’ music, but it might as well have been a DRI show for the Academy Award-winning star of Booty Call. It’s hard to tell what’s going on in the TMZ footage, up until the part where a big ‘ole bald bouncer grabs the guy who put Jamie in a headlock and ejects him. Damn, Adam Lambert didn’t seem to have a problem there last night. While we sit here singing, “There’s sooo many ways to choke you,” see where else celebrities have been eating, drinking, and like Shia LeBeouf earlier this week, losing at the age-old tradition of fisticuffs.

Avalon: Valentine’s Day star Jamie Fox was put in a headlock during an Usher show in Hollywood before security saved his ass. [TMZ]

BP Oysterette: Reese Witherspoon had lunch here yesterday. We like her, so that’s just fine with us. [Just Jared]

Chateau Marmont: John Mayer literally dropped off his date before going home. [TMZ]

Hard Rock Cafe: Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias had a night on the town. They should both get Hard Rock t-shirts and wear them at the same time like all those lame couples of yesteryear. [Celebrity-Gossip]

M Café de Chaya
: Alicia Silverstone and her unborn child stopped in for a Kokicha Roasted Twig Tea and a chat with customers and staff. [Grub Street]

Matsuhisa: Jason Statham and his girlfriend Rosie Huntington Whitley looked like they were not having the best of times on their way out of dinner. [Celebrity Gossip]

Mel’s Drive-In: Ryan Phillipe took some food and a tea to go. [Just Jared]

Robeks: Shai LeBeouf grabbed a beverage without someone slugging the crud out of him. [People]

: Courtney Cox hobbled out of the restaurant using a cane following a knee surgery. [The Sun]

Trousdale: Glee’s Mark Sailing partied with pals and was “the center of attention,” while Bachelor star Jake Pavelka tried to avoid being noticed. [People]

Zengo: Robert Downey Jr. came for dinner on Wednesday, ordered off the vegetarian menu, and sat on the patio. He once stiffed us on a tip on a big bill when we worked at a Mexican restaurant in the nineties, but those were pretty crazy times for Iron Man. [Grub Street]

Jamie Foxx Gets Roughed Up at Avalon; Courtney Cox Hobbles Out of Spago