Menu Changes

Jake’s Sandwich Board Serves Phillies Fever on a Roll

One of Jake's Sandwich Board's sandwiches.
One of Jake’s Sandwich Board’s sandwiches. Photo: Jake’s Sandwich Board

Even with the Phillies home opener still more than a month away, Jake’s Sandwich Board is getting psyched up for baseball season. It’s added four new sandwiches to its menu, which owners Gary Dorfman and Sean Stein have dubbed the “Four Aces” in honor of the Phils dream starting rotation of Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt, Cole Hamels. True to Jake’s form, the additions pack enough pulled pork, roasted rib-eye, grilled smoky bacon and cheese to clog the arteries of every ticket holder in a sellout crowd at Citizens Bank Park. Click through for descriptions of the “Four Aces.”

Charlie Brown
Rib-eye steak, fresh crushed chunky peanut butter, bacon and cheddar cheese

½ slow cooked pulled pork, ½ smoky grilled bacon with house sriraccha spread and sharp provolone

Slow roasted turkey breast, smoky grilled bacon, cranberry apple spread, savory brown gravy and crispy potato pancakes

Garlic Bomb
Rib-eye steak, homemade roasted garlic spread, sautéed garlic, provolone cheese topped with deep-fried, crunchy, garlic cloves

Jake’s Sandwich Board Serves Phillies Fever on a Roll