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Jackie Shen Moves to Chicago Cut Steakhouse

Guess who will be cooking here now?
Guess who will be cooking here now? Photo: courtesy of Facebook

It’s been quite the day so far for chef shuffles. This morning we learned that Paul Virant was making the move to Perennial, and now we just found out that Jackie Shen has also found a new home. You may remember that she left the pan-Asian Red Light back in November, explaining that she was “not sure what I want to do, but I do want to travel.” Well, she’s apparently back, and has decided to team up with Chicago Cut Steakhouse, which initially seemed like the least likely place for her to ever cook. Crazy, right? But, as Chicago Magazine explains, this won’t be her first time cooking a steak.

She actually worked for seven years at Lawry’s The Prime Rib. David Flom, the owner of Chicago Cut, has fond memories of her cooking when he used to eat at Lawry’s as a kid, and always wanted her for the River North spot.

This is a really interesting development for the steakhouse, as it now has a famous chef in the back to help bolster its reputation. Looks like some reviewers will have to give it another go.

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Jackie Shen Moves to Chicago Cut Steakhouse