Chefs Say Valentine’s Day Actually Happens All Weekend Long

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Savvy diners rarely dine out on Mondays: It’s the chef’s night off, servers might try to peddle weekend leftovers masquerading as specials … heck, some restaurants aren’t even open. Well, now we’re in luck! This year, the worst dining-out holiday (Marked-up menus! Harried servers! That annoying couple at the next table seated in the same booth!) collides with the worst day for dining, period. But before you throw caution to the wind and make last-minute Monday reservations, you should know that many restaurant owners actually consider Valentine’s Day one big weekend extravaganza. As the Herald reports, chefs actually expect people will celebrate all weekend long! More ahead.

Gargoyles owner James Conforti says Valentine’s Day “pumps up” his whole weekend and expects that “Sunday night will be crazy.” Erbaluce’s Charles Draghi, meanwhile, says that Valentine’s will be “celebrated over four days,” and Il Casale Chef Dante DeMagistris concurs: “Having Valentine’s Day fall on a Monday is great for us, because couples will be celebrating Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, too.”

Hear that? Valentine’s Day is actually four nights, no matter what Hallmark says. So you can avoid that writhing couple in the neighboring booth and stay in on Monday, if you dare!

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Chefs Say Valentine’s Day Actually Happens All Weekend Long