It’s Official: Sausages Have Overtaken Korean Tacos on The Food Truck Scene

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

At the risk of putting Eater’s editor to sleep, we found another sausage truck hitting the road this week: Bower’s Gourmet Sausages, likely the same vendor who lost its place at Santa Monica Farmer’s Market after a recent re-shuffling. The truck just rolled out with European sausages, including Polish hot links, knackwurst, sandwiches, and sausage quesadillas. But why does it matter now more than ever? The truck helps officially confirm what we’ve expected for a few weeks now: sausages, hot dogs, and various other wieners way outnumber the once unavoidable Korean tacos out there. Want proof?

We combed the truck tracker L.A. Food Trucks and a few other resources to find that these days, Angelenos have an over-whelming number of options for eating tubular meat over Korean tacos. Here’s what we found among the multiple sausage-slingers, with a quick reminder of where one can still get kalbi in their tortillas (though Kogi should always be the first stop).


Germany’s Famous Bratwurst ~ Various ways with European wurst
Frankenstand ~ Vegan hot dogs that make scary faces
Grindhaus ~ Forthcoming game sausages made humanely
Greasy Wiener ~ Jersey-influenced hot dogs with bacon-wrapped and deep-fried varieties
Bower’s ~ Gourmet European sausages
Let’s Be Frank ~ Great organic hot dogs, maybe the Kogi of the genre
Dogzilla ~ Weird-ass hot dogs covered in spaghetti and stuff
Dogtown Dogs ~ Fried egg and jalapeno dogs covering the Westside
Gourmet on Wheels ~ Wild boar salami
Spring Street Smokehouse ~ Louisiana links
QZilla ~ Louisiana hot and mild links
Jodi Maroni’s ~ Gourmet sausages from the chain of the same name

Korean Tacos

Kogi ~ The original
Bool ~ The original knockoff
Calbi ~ The original mass-produced knockoff
Krazy BBQ ~ More kalbi tacos
Bull Kogi ~ Knock-off not afraid to throw Kogi in their name
TNB ~ To quote Eater, zzzz…

So far, the tally indicates that wieners outnumber Korean tacos 12 to 6! Seeing as sausages are such a common street food in Eastern Europe, that probably makes some sense. Now those ever-proliferating Indian trucks better step up their game if they want to raise their profile on the street.

It’s Official: Sausages Have Overtaken Korean Tacos on The Food Truck Scene