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Inevitably, Pie Pops Up at Golden State

Crust's s'mores pie
Crust’s s’mores pie Photo: Crust

Everything comes full circle: For decades, we’ve had classic places like Pie n’ Burger and Apple Pan for that healthy pairing of a hamburger finished off with a slice of pie. Seeing as pie is suddenly the new kid on the block again, it makes some kind of weird sense that pie pop-ups would appear, no less at a potential burger classic-in-the-making. Golden State will host a one-night pie shop for Santa Monica-based Stephanie Shaiken and her family-run company Crust on February 21st. Every purchase of pie, in flavors like “classic apple” and S’mores will come with a free dollop of gelato from Scoops. LA Canvas reports that this is “L.A.’s first pop-up pie shop,” forgetting entirely about that pie pop-up at Machine Shop two months back with Sarah Williams. Maybe a Willams/Shaiken showdown could be in the future?

Crust Pop-Up, 6:00-10:00 P.M. January 21st at Golden State, 426 N. Fairfax Ave.

Pop-Up Pie Shop by Crust, with Scoops a la mode [LA Canvas]

Inevitably, Pie Pops Up at Golden State