How Many New Restaurants Got Left Off of 7x7’s 2011 Big Eat List?

No marrow-stuffed squid at Commonwealth?
No marrow-stuffed squid at Commonwealth? Photo: Chris Andre/SF Mag

As we all know, 2010 was a pretty huge year for openings in S.F., and thus we were expecting the latest installment of 7x7’s annual Big Eat list of “100 Things to Try Before You Die” to include a fresh selection of the new local delicacies now available to us. But alas, not so much. For instance, the universally acclaimed Una Pizza Napoletana makes no appearance this year, nor any of the other new pizzerias, though the margherita at Pizzeria Delfina remains in place, as in previous editions. Also, we see no mention of Prospect, or Commonwealth, or Flour + Water, which didn’t make the cut in 2010 either.

Nor does Baker & Banker or the new (and excellent) Baker & Banker bakery make it on there, even though tried and true Tartine Bakery lands two spots on the list, for both their morning bun, and for a “loaf of bread.”

Now, we understand that not everyone can make the cut, and there are a lot of older, must-try items on there that the editors had to make judgment calls about, but if the point of updating the list every year is to keep it from feeling stale, then it seems like a few more of these new spots — a couple of which might even be James Beard-worthy — deserve mention. We should note that dishes at newcomers Cotogna, Comstock Saloon, and Benu were all deemed must-try before death. But, like, lettuce cups at Betelnut but nothing from Sons & Daughters? Come now.

The Big Eat 2011 [7x7]
The Big Eat 2010 [7x7]

How Many New Restaurants Got Left Off of 7x7’s 2011 Big Eat List?