Guest-Chef Mania: Michael Schwartz at Harrison’s, Aitor Basabe at Bar Basque, and a Dream Team at Del Posto

Wylie Dufresne will contemplate
Wylie Dufresne will contemplate “cave man food.” Photo: Melissa Hom

On March 2, Paris Commune will hold a special ostrich dinner (see menu with prices here), but unless you really like the sound of ostrich-egg crème brûlée, you might want to save your ducats for later in the month. On March 27, Del Posto will host a nine-course lunch to benefit the Museum of Food and Drink, a pet project of FCI’s Dave Arnold that will one day offer “historical tastings, international immersive settings, world class exhibitions, chef presentations, and equipment and scientific demonstrations.” The Sunday lunch’s $250 price tag is hefty to be sure, but each course will be prepared by a top chef, with a certain theme in mind. Check out the dream-team lineup.

Dave Chang, Momofuku: American Food circa 1491
Wylie Dufresne, WD-50: Cave Man Food
Mark Ladner, Del Posto: Ancient Rome
Nils Noren, French Culinary Institute: Fad Diets
Cesare Casella, Salumeria Rosi: Shriveled Meats (don’t worry, we mean salumi)
Carlo Mirarchi, Roberta’s: New York Food in the 1900’s
Brooks Headley, Del Posto: Hebrew Food in Italy
Christina Tosi, Momofuku Milk Bar: Space Food

And the icing on the cake (or the ice in the cocktail glass)? The meal will be paired with drinks from Audrey Saunders, Thomas Waugh, Simon Ford, Damon Boelte, and Eben Klemm. Get your tickets here.

While we’re on the subject of guest chefs, Bar Basque has announced that Aitor Basabe will be cooking alongside the restaurant’s chefs during the month of March. On March 1, he’ll create a six-course menu for a Citymeals-on-Wheels fund-raiser — $150 gets you the dinner menu below (plus wines) preceded by a cocktail reception (call 646-600-7150 to reserve).

Bacon Crisps Jabugo ham gelée, crumbs

Tomato Study heirloom tomato cream, tomato sponge, green tomato oil

Tuna Crudo olive bread, asparagus

Creamy Calasparra Rice boletus, idiazabal cheese, tender garlic

Sustainable Roasted Chilean Seabass mussels, natural emulsion of greens

Seabass en jugo verde emulsionado de sus pieles y mejillones de roca

“Heel-cut” NY Strip soy garlic, lemon potato, coal salt

Piña Colada in crystal

Peach Escabèche cocoa dirt with hay, vinegar ice cream

Last but certainly not least in the realm of guest chefs, Tribeca Citizen brings word that Michael Schwartz of Miami’s highly lauded Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink will be sitting in at the Harrison on February 18. Says the restaurant: “We will offer a menu of 3 to 5 of Michael’s dishes along with our full menu.”

Guest-Chef Mania: Michael Schwartz at Harrison’s, Aitor Basabe at Bar